I believe

in our ability to create
change in our lives,  
for our good and for the good of others

מיה לויט הנדל תמונה גדולה

Therapy approach

The Adlerian theory is a strength-based approach which regards individuals as socially embedded. Encouragement is viewed as vital for human growth, development, and wellbeing.

One of Adler’s significant discoveries was how to use early childhood memories to understand and empower individuals, and improve their functioning and quality of life.

I work with individuals, couples and groups to help others in the fields of development, relationships, fulfillment and in dealing with the variety of life’s challenges. Working with the Adlerian approach, I use different tools including early childhood memories and metaphors, which invite creativity and possibilities for awareness and growth.
It is important to me to create a safe and intimate space for exploration, and for creating awareness and change, without judgement.

Professional scope

Therapy for adults and young adults (individuals and couples)

• Creating and improving relationships, fulfillment and development • Dealing with personal, professional, parental, family and relationship difficulties and challenges, in all circles of life. • Identifying helpful and challenging /obstructive personal and couple patterns in an encouraging and direct manner, thereby enabling the expansion of cognitive and behavioral patterns, which improves quality of life and relationships.

Coaching for adults and young adults

Fulfilling personal vision, values and goals that are significant for the individual, in all areas of life. The combination of vision, values and goals creates motivation for action.

Supervision for therapy and coaching

Individual or group supervision for professionals to develop therapy and coaching skills. The supervision focuses on the therapy or coaching client, the therapist or coach, and the interaction between them.

Group facilitation

Group work based on the values of mutual respect, cooperation and equality, an atmosphere that creates the facilitates learning, growth and personal and group development.
לב צהוב


My research interests include early recollections, metaphors, Adlerian theory, Socio economic classes and culture. For publications

תמונה עגולה של מיה עם מסגרת

About me

I have always been motivated by the desire to help others and society, and by the curiosity to learn and develop. Over the years I discovered how much I love doing therapy, coaching, group facilitation and teaching. My professionalism is based on knowledge, experience, listening skills, accepting others, empathy and warmth.
I am a psychotherapist trained at the Adler Institute in Israel and a therapist and supervisor certified by the Israeli Association for Focused Psychotherapy.
I am a group facilitator, a graduate of the group facilitation program at the School of Social Work, Tel Aviv University. I am a Master Coach, certified by the Israeli Coaching Chamber and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
When I discovered my great passion for childhood memories through therapy, along with leading values in my life of equality and mutual respect, I embarked on an in-depth journey of research on the subject.
I have a doctorate degree (PhD), from the Department of Counseling and Human Development, University of Haifa. The topic of my research is childhood memories, subjectivity, and socioeconomic status.
I work with clients in person in my clinic, or online, and teach at the School of Psychotherapy at the Adler Institute in Israel, and the University of Haifa. I am co founder of the Coaching School at the Adler Institute in Israel. I am a faculty member at Icassi, the International School of Adlerian Studies.
I am happy for the opportunity to engage in what interests and excites me. I believe in my contribution to people and society through individual and group work, and through research.

Languages – Hebrew and English

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